Changing your business plan during the pandemic

Adapting your Marketing Plans and Managing Change.

An ability to adapt to CHANGE is now a job requirement for most of us. Change has become a permanent inevitability for most businesses, and every market has been in a state of flux during the past year. It’s not fun. It’s hard to serve your customers, run your operations, manage cash flow, plan your marketing, or try to forecast where your business will be in the future.

Why you should adapt your Marketing Plans

Like many of the other items on my “Things I cannot do anything about” list, I am trying not to think too deeply about this. There’s no point in worrying how long it’s all going to last. Instead, I have been actively seeking out the positives from it all, and I have found one or two. We may not enjoy the experience of change while we’re going through it, but we must acknowledge that a “felt need for change” often precedes business advancement. Scarcity and adversity – are the Mother and Father of Invention. It’s always a mistake to get so locked into doing what we do, “the way we’ve always done it” that we fail to spot changes in our market, or changes in what our customer expects from us when they happen. Our customers have more choice now than ever, and even the loyal ones can be drawn to a competitor who is more engaging/available/creative/visible than we are – especially in digital channels, and especially now.

How to adapt your Marketing Plans

Look for the signs that you need to change your marketing plan – a little or change a lot. Imagine yourself in your customer’s shoes, with all the choices available to him or her. Keep an eye on your market to stay abreast of your competitor, and follow global brands to be inspired by the tactics and strategies that are coming down the pipeline. Stop thinking about sticking to a definitive marketing plan, and accept that for now, that plan will be evolving as you adapt to lockdown, reopening, or restrictions in the way you sell. It’s more about the planning than the plan.

Don’t avoid change – because you can’t. To survive, you must move with the times and hear your changing market. To thrive, you must go even further – you must CHANGE FOR THE BETTER.

How we can help your business during Covid19

Our team at Ideation Marketing have helped many businesses adapt their sales and marketing plans for the better. Book a consultation or a free advisory call through this website, if you’d like to find out how we could help you too.



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