Just tryin’ to keep the customer satisfied (a winning Customer Experience)

Winning Customers through excellent service standards

Happy customers make me happy!!! A great customer review is worth so much to a business – and it’s gratifying when a customer feels strongly enough about the customer experience to provide a positive review like this one. Customer Satisfaction is the BE-ALL and END-ALL for us, as it should be for everyone in business! […]

Strategic help at grass-roots level from our Local Enterprise Offices

Local Enterprise Offices are a source of support for SMEs in every county

Business Mentoring from Local Enterprise Office Ideation Marketing is one of many companies offering expert marketing consultation and mentoring services to small and medium-sized enterprises through the Local Enterprise Office. It’s an affordably priced scheme for all businesses, who could use an experienced Advisor for strategic assistance. Local Enterprise Offices also offer funding, training and […]

Organize to Mobilise

We are all conscious of the need to “own” our goals, to make them real and tangible, and to keep them front and center. Writing and displaying your business goals will certainly remind you about them, and make you accountable. It gives you a very visible reminder of what you should be focused on (and not focused […]