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Only 30% of Irish companies DO NOT have a social media presence. The rest are “socializing” with Ireland’s 2.6m active social media users.
Here’s why: Of the 4.7mm Irish people, 3.8mm are on the internet, 52% are active social media users. 2.4 million Irish people use Facebook each month – 1.8 million of them daily. 26% of use Twitter (90% of journalists), and 700,000 daily users in Ireland send 1m tweets each day.

31% of Irish internet users watch online tutorials regularly. 1 in 3 users spend more time on YOU TUBE than they do watching TV. 24% of Irish adults are on Linked In. 22% are on Snapchat 18% are on Instagram (almost half of those daily) 15% are on Pinterest 70% of Irish people follow brands on social media. 52% of Irish people talk about brands on social media. We “LIKE” 13mm posts each month

Your business HAS to be there. Social Media is now compulsory. Our team will make it worth your while.

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