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Customer Engagement Bringing on the customer is only half the battle! Your next challenge is to make them love you! To create loyalty, you must create a relationship which will future-proof your customer and generate lifetime value from that initial transaction. Seth Godin said : “Loyalty is what we call it when someone refuses a […]

Social Media

Social Media Only 30% of Irish companies DO NOT have a social media presence. The rest are “socializing” with Ireland’s 2.6m active social media users. Here’s why: Of the 4.7mm Irish people, 3.8mm are on the internet, 52% are active social media users. 2.4 million Irish people use Facebook each month – 1.8 million of […]


Digital New and emerging technologies offer your brand a platform to communicate more intelligently, more intuitively, and in more ways. Be present – register appropriately on business directories, and ensure your website is search-engine optimized so it’s easy for people to find you. Your site should be , brand-aligned, elegant, functional, intuitive, accurate, and responsive […]

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